We are friendly, down-to-earth and we love working with others.

About us

Who we are

We are a digital creative agency based in
Wellington, New Zealand

We specialise in the design and development of websites, mobile applications and online marketing. We incorporate the most proven user experience methodologies into our designs, the most efficient platforms in our development, and persuasive marketing methods in our online marketing campaigns.

No divas here! Just a team of talented
and friendly people

Our team consists of talented web designers, front-end developers, back-end developers and online marketers, each with a rich history and passion for digital and mobile technologies. We are a friendly bunch of people, who are down-to-earth and love working with others to achieve the best solution for our clients. But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about us.

We understand web-based businesses
Whether you are a tech start-up or an established international business, the steps below are essential to the growth and revenue generation of any business:

  • Attracting quality prospects to your website/product
  • Impressing them with a modern user interface and an intuitive user experience that fully explores the benefits of your website/product
  • Converting them into happy customers with irresistible offerings
  • Keeping your existing customers happy with a solid development platform that does not break, is easy to maintain and is securely backed-up on a regular basis
  • Future-proofing your website/product by making sure your current system is built with flexibility and scalability in mind

We can help you with your conversion process above from start to finish, or work with your in-house team to deliver what you need the most, fast.

Passion for our craft

“Perfection is lot of little things done well”
- Marco Pierre White

Just like a perfect meal - little things done perfectly, can makes a big difference to the final product. A thorough web strategy, stunning designs, a solid code base and a clever marketing plan are all required to help you capture attention and stand out from today’s competitive markets. We are fiercely proud of our passion and craft for anything digital and we’d love the opportunity to help you make your next project the very best it can be.

We don’t have spin doctors, our work speaks
for our people

Notice how most agencies send their best spin doctors to try and sell you services and products they know next to nothing about? Then, suddenly you are left with time and budget blowouts because they are not the actual people who are working on your project? I mean how crazy is that and why would you put up with it? At Zing Design, we don’t have spin doctors, you will always meet the team who will be working on your product and receive a solid project plan from day one, so there are no nasty surprises during the project. By the way, why not check out our portfolio to see a list of our most recent work.

Our business is understanding yours
We love helping businesses and founders with shaping their ideas, services and products, ranging from one of the biggest banks in the world to smart local start-ups who are looking to export their technologies worldwide. We believe in order for us to help you, we need to understand your business, learn about your industry, gain a deep and intuitive sense of your goals, competitors, and business plan and for that, we can’t wait!

Our philosophies

Flexibility is our motto
At Zing Design we challenge ourselves to stay competitive, flexible and efficient by constantly iterating the way we work as we grow because we don’t put businesses into cookie cutters. We will adapt to the needs of your organisation and work alongside you to achieve the best result for your needs.

Big or small, we love them all
Since our inception, we’ve had the privilege to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We know how to deliver projects on time, on budget and with a superior quality that people have come to expect of us, and we believe this should be the same for every business, regardless of their size.

Our simple formula for success
Like the Kardashians, it seems like every day there is a new cutting edge technology or social network to keep up with. But at the end of the day, the principle remains the same: Usable & beautiful design + solid code x well targeted marketing = Success.

We’re personal, friendly & open
"Those who say 'it’s not personal, it’s just business' are lying. All business is personal, and the best is very personal." — Richard Lenz. We love this saying because we believe it is important to treat people the way that we like to be treated. We’ve built some truly special relationships over the years with our clients because of our friendly and personal approach. Why not come in and see for yourself?

How we work

Communication is the key
We love to talk and keep in touch with our clients throughout the project cycle. We use an agile approach to design and development, which involves weekly scrum sessions with our clients and monthly reviews of our work. It’s this face to face communication that helps us keep our fingers on the pulse and have our clients recommending us to other businesses.

We measure everything
While the success of print design is hard to measure, web design is surprisingly easy. For us, web design is all about results and conversions. A website might look good but if it doesn’t increase leads, it is a failed product. We measure everything to ensure that our digital product contributes positively to the bottom line of the business. In other words, data identifies the problem and design solves it.

We produce work fast
One of the many feedback that we have receive from our clients is that they couldn’t believe how fast we were able to produce high quality work that is on-brand and exactly what they were looking for. We are very experienced at providing solutions to complex and/or unusual problems due to our agile approach to communication and development.

We’d love to hear from you. Simply contact us with your questions or come in for a chat.