Webstock 2015: The highlights

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This year was my first year going to Webstock. Being fairly new to the industry I was excited to watch such talented speakers share their passion and knowledge.

I could sit here and list all the amazing things that I took away from the 2 packed days of presentations. I loved the broad range of topics that were discussed. And even though there was a vast difference in some of the subjects, I really felt as there was something to take away from every speaker. So here are my top 3 favourite speakers from Webstock 2015

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Top 10 web design trends and predictions for 2015

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With the new year finally here and with the rapid changes that designing for the web has experienced over the last few years. We thought it would be a good idea to list our predictions for the strong and potentially new trends as we slide into 2015. So without further adieu let's get started.

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