Gift ideas for geeks 2013

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The holiday season is upon us and fortunately there is still time to get your hands on some awesome gifts for you or the special geek in your life, this Christmas. We’ve put together a list of five of the coolest gift ideas for geeks from around the internet:

Google Nexus 5


Google’s latest version of Nexus boasts some very impressive features. Out of the box, the Nexus 5 is running KitKat, the latest Android OS. One of the cool benefits of being built by Google, is that it’s first-in-line for Android updates. The Nexus 5 has the specs of a high-end smartphone, with the price tag of a medium-level one.

It’s also great for app developers, as they can plug it into their computer and test homemade apps straight from the Android SDK as they develop.

Designers will appreciate the mind-blowingly crisp 1080p display. Though the 445ppi resolution may mean rethinking that Retina media-query.

Oculus Rift developer kit


The Oculus Rift claims to be the most advanced virtual reality headset available on the market – I was blown away by the level of responsiveness and realism of the Rift.

For the most enthusiastic of geeks who can’t wait for the consumer version release (rumoured to be late 2014), you can get the developer kit. It’s a fully-working prototype and comes with access to the Oculus SDK, you know, just in case they want to build some games for it.

The Big Jambox

Big Jambox by Jawbone

Jawbone have taken the boom-box to a whole new level, the Big Jambox looks super-cool and is capable of outputting 3-dimensional sound. Where it gets really cool is it’s ability to connect with any device via the Jawbone app, allowing you to turn your smartphone into a kick-ass sound system. For a more personalised design, you can customise colours and textures, with a cool interactive live preview. The Big Jambox also has an impressive 15 hour battery life.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

This marvel of gadgetry is a smartphone-controlled drone. How is it different to all those other remote-controlled flying contraptions you ask? It’s super manoeuvrable and it’s got a built-in 720p HD video camera which streams directly to your mobile device.

You can control the drone entirely from your smartphone, using the on-board camera to see where you’re going. Excellent for amateur film makers, as the drone’s onboard computer ensures maximum stability for all those sweet aerial establishing shots.

Speaking of drones, check out this awesome but gruesome Copter Cat from Dutch artist Bart Jansen, it is an oldie but a goodie! Cat lovers, look away now…


Smart Things

This is an awesome gift for geeks and futurists alike, the SmartThings devices will transform a home into network of inter-connected devices. SmartThings adapt to climate and resident’s routines to make for a more secure and efficient home.

The basic idea is to make life even easier by dealing with some of the home’s more mundane tasks. As with any decent geek-gift, all of the SmartThings devices can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone.

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