Cats to go

Learn more about the damage cats do in New Zealand

Cats to go is the brain child of New Zealand entrepreneur and philanthropist Gareth Morgan. The campaign was set up by his charitable trust the Morgan Foundation and designed to educate people about the threats that domestic and feral cats are posting on the New Zealand native wildlife. The Cats to go campaign has appeared in major international newspapers such as: The Huffington Post, New York Times, The Guardian, The Atlantic and Mashable.

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We created the Cats to go logo, which reflected the theme of the campaign.

Portfolio catstogo brand logo

Main infographic

We designed the infographic image, which has become the face of the Cats to go campaign worldwide. The brief called for a lighthearted but informative graphical representation of the problems New Zealand wildlife is facing as a result of New Zealand’s prolific cat population.

Portfolio Catstogo infograph

Background images

We were also asked to design the background images of the main Cats to go website to reflect different perspectives on the cat issue. Needless to say, we loved creating work for Gareth, who is passionate and knows how to start a good conversation!

Portfolio Catstogo background images mobile

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