Your Cash Stash by RaboDirect

Putting your unclaimed money back to work

Your Cash Stash is a campaign initiative from RaboDirect New Zealand, aimed at bringing Kiwis’ attention to unclaimed money held by the Inland Revenue Department.

Unclaimed money originates from various sources (not including taxes) and a tax return does not need to be filed to claim it back. IRD has over $78.5m collected as a result of this, since 1973 and only a small percentage of claims are made each year.

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Website design

We designed and built the Your Cash Stash website from start to finish, including the logo, the look and feel of the website, Facebook creatives and user interface of the searchable unclaimed money list.

Your Cash Stash Facebook cover image by Zing Design Your Cash Stash homepage design by Zing Design

Web development

We developed the entire Your Cash Stash website using code and brand compliant platforms. At its peak promotion, it was receiving well over tens of thousands of visitors each week and became an important part of RaboDirect’s “Greedy Banker” family of campaigns.

Your Cash Stash Money List by Zing Design About Your Cash Stash page by Zing Design

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