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Top 10 web design trends and predictions for 2015

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With the new year finally here and with the rapid changes that designing for the web has experienced over the last few years. We thought it would be a good idea to list our predictions for the strong and potentially new trends as we slide into 2015. So without further adieu let's get started.

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Top 10 web design trends and predictions for 2014

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With the new year finally here and the design team having just made it back into the office we thought that now is a great time to look back on what has been happening over the last year in the web design scene and come up with some predictions for what we think the top web design trends of 2014 might be.

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Top 5 most exciting features of the new Foundation 5

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We've eagerly awaited the release of the latest version of Foundation, Zurb's hugely popular front-end framework. Today it has finally arrived and I'm sure a lot of designers and front-end developers are eager to put it to the test. We were lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the framework before it was released, and it looks like there's plenty to get excited about.

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Foundation 4 vs. Bootstrap 2: The feature line-up

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In the last two articles we talked about why Foundation is better than Twitter Bootstrap and some of the problems with Foundation. Now we're providing a back-to-back comparison of the two big frameworks based on some key website design features. This will hopefully help to emphasise why Foundation is still the best and will help you to make a decision on which framework to build with.

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