Responsive typography with Sass and Foundation

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In this post we discuss responsive web typography, the tools and techniques available to achieve it and two approaches that will make it easier and faster. We look at how to use Foundation to quickly achieve simple responsive typography and a custom Sass mixin which we created for greater control and responsiveness.

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3 ZURB Foundation traps for beginners and how to avoid them

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Using a framework like Foundation will always come with a few pitfalls that are easy to fall into, especially as a beginner. In this article I will go over these with a little bit more detail and explain how you can get past them, or avoid them altogether.

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Problems with pre-processors, alternatives to Sass and CSS4

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CSS presentation has long been seen as a tedious and repetitive task in a web designer's workflow, and pre-processors have been instrumental in speeding up the process and making stylesheets fun again. While tools like Compass do encourage best practices, pre-processors should be used with a little caution.

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