How to choose fonts for your website – top 6 tips

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One of our most asked question is - how do I choose a typeface for my web design work? Unfortunately, there’s not a standard recipe for perfect typography, because it’s all about finding the right fit for the occasion. Rather than make text legible, we need to make it scrumptiously readable.

This is part 1 of our web typography series, we detail the perfect recipe for creating web typography from hierarchy to white space and tell you what happens when good typography goes bad.

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Web design guidelines for color blind users

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For most designers, designing for colour blind users is not even something that is on their radar. So you will be surprised to learn that about 8% of the world's population are actually colourblind. In this article we’ll share with you a few guidelines for designing for the colour blind and how you can implement it into your current design workflow.

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Best color tools for web designers

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Ever found yourself completely uninspired when it comes to picking a new colour palette for a design? Yeah, we have all been there at one point or another I'm sure. So what can be done about it? Luckily there are several tools are resources on the web that can help you with that.

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How to choose colours for your website

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As a designer you have to make many decisions during a project, some of which will impact it more than others. One such decision is what colours to go with when design or redesign a website. In this article I'll take you all through our process when it comes down to deciding the colour scheme for a new project.

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Exclusive interview with ZURB

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ZURB Foundation 5, is one of the most popular frameworks available today. They were the first to use responsive grids, to implement mobile first approach, and are paving the way for the future of frameworks.

We got to ask some of the awesome team from ZURB about what they do, how they do it and where they, and the industry, are headed in the future.

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