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3 ZURB Foundation traps for beginners and how to avoid them

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Using a framework like Foundation will always come with a few pitfalls that are easy to fall into, especially as a beginner. In this article I will go over these with a little bit more detail and explain how you can get past them, or avoid them altogether.

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You will care about geo-mapping – just not yet

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You_will_care_about_geo-mapping _just_not_yet_by_zing_design

If you receive the right information, at the right time and place, it can be enormously valuable.

Whether it’s a simple thing like avoiding traffic congestion on your drive to work, or finding the best places to eat – or more serious matters, such as avoiding workplace accidents, or being treated for a cardiac arrest in much faster than the average response time – having access to the right geographical information improves decision making, can keep us safe and generally makes the world that little bit better.

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How to build a custom Google map for your website

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Google Maps has emerged as an enormously helpful tool for users and a powerful tool for designers and developers. Adding a dynamic map to your website is super simple with the embeddable , unfortunately this leaves us with limited control over aesthetics and functionality.

Adding an interactive map with a more bespoke feel can mean digging through Google's gargantuan JavaScript API for hours. Fortunately, we found a quicker way to deal with it. So we've made a short tutorial to help you get a customised Google map up on your site in minutes.

We've also built a lightweight WordPress plugin to help you sort it out even faster.

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How to improve your page load speed for client-side & server-side

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Speedy page loads are integral to the success of a website. It's a simple equation, the longer visitors have to wait for content to load, the less likely they are to stick around. Here are some improvements that you can make on the client-side and the server-side to decrease page loading time.

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