Introduction to Icon Fonts

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Remember the awesome dingbats of the early 2000s? In the last decade, they have evolved into sophisticated font sets now known as icon fonts or symbol fonts. Icon fonts are great to use for lots of projects, from social media icons to arrows and symbols, all you need is a bit of CSS.

In this part 3 of our web typography series, we detail what icon fonts are, why you should use them, best use examples, and tips for implementation in your own design and development projects. Don’t forget to also check out A beginner’s guide to using Google Fonts and Top 6 tips for choosing fonts for your website.

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How to build WordPress themes with Bootstrap

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When building WordPress themes, the process has not always been very smooth. We thought we'd make it easier and so we've created a custom boilerplate theme for developers looking to build responsive themes from the ground up using the combined power of Bootstrap, Compass and Grunt. The theme includes baseline style rules and task automation to help you manage your custom theme development workflow.

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WordPress 101: How to set up WordPress

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WordPress has seen a huge growth in popularity in recent years, and now roughly 19% of all websites are running on it. With this increase in popularity, the demand for tailor-made WordPress themes has skyrocketed. We've made a quick tutorial on how to get started building custom WordPress themes.

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How to find bugs and track errors in WordPress

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WordPress has worked its way into the web developer's toolkit in the last few years as a platform for quickly building feature-rich websites. As great as WordPress is, it's plugin-centric nature means it's prone to bugginess. Luckily, we found a tool to help us stay on top of all the errors: Raygun!

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