Testimonials for Zing Design

Here is what our customers are saying about us

“Zing Design has some of the best web designers in NZ. They regularly produced top quality work at a very fast pace (something that is very rare to find). They work very well with others and understand how to bring the essence of a brand into their web design work and I would highly recommend them to any corporate business looking for help with their online work.”

Owen Hallmark

Campaign Manager

AMI Insurance (part of IAG)

“On reflection of my 6 years experience managing a range of enterprise web projects, Zing Design have consistently outperformed other external agencies in terms of capacity, capability and professionalism. Their commitment to clear project parameters, active client consultation and stakeholder management makes project management a dream with them on the team.”

Nathalie Whitaker

Founder & Service Manager of Givealittle.co.nz

A division of the Telecom Foundation

“Zing Design has produced exceptional designs for us since we began working with them over this past year.  We have received outstanding reviews from our users since day one on our user interface, our intuitive navigation, and our creative design. We owe this to Zheng and her amazing team! We look forward to continued future work together.”

Chris Smith

Chief Executive Officer


“Software design is an art. Zing Design once again demonstrated the ability to transform their highly sophisticated design skills into something so simple that even a pre-schooler (our target market) can use. If you need someone to design the interface for your million dollar app idea, look no further -
Zing Design is the best choice.”

Nathan Li

Founder and CEO


“We have been working with Zheng, the founder of Zing Design right from the start. Zheng is seriously smart, approachable, personable and passionate about getting the most out of building our business. I highly recommend you work with Zing Design to get the most out of your business.”

Kate Hinton

CEO, Founder & Director


“Zing Design re-designed our site from the ground up. Their outstanding technical knowledge and passion for the internet- combined with professionalism and fantastic service has resulted in a huge rise in conversion and sales for the company.”

Aaron Pinkham

Online Marketing Manager

Paua World Ltd

“Zing Design have put together more website conversion strategies than most people have even started to think about. They are an expert team with an obvious passion for their craft. We have worked with Zing Design for a number of years and I have no hesitation in recommending them – they are indispensible. Long may our association continue!”

Clint van Marrewijk

Product and Market Strategy

Gareth Morgan Investments

“Zing Design delivered amazing illustrations and 3D graphics for our new product, Raygun. We are extremely impressed at both the quality and the speed for delivery.”

Jeremy Boyd

Co-founder & Director