Top 5 hidden features in iOS 7

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It’s been a few weeks since its official release, but iOS 7 is already making waves with its slick flat UI and vomit inducing transitions. This week we explore 5 of the best hidden features of iOS 7:

1. Time stamp for every message

Gone are the days of a lack of regular timestamp in iOS6 – in those days, only the starting message of a conversation was rewarded with a time stamp. In iOS 7, you can check the exact time of every message.

How do you view the time stamp you ask? Simple swipe left on the message bubble and the time stamp will magically appear on your screen.


2. Your iPhone is now a laser level as well

If you are a builder, it might be time to throw away your laser level now. On your iPhone, simply swipe to the second page of the compass app, you will find a minimalist level tool with two intersecting bubbles. It will tell you whether a surface is level or not.


3. Use Safari to capture links from Twitter

Never miss a link from Twitter – when you click on the @ symbol (Shared Links) inside Bookmarks within Safari, you will see a list of tweets that contain links, it is a great way to make Twitter more efficient by cutting to the chase (see the interesting links that are being shared by your friends and colleagues) without wading through whole conversations.


4. Automate your app updates

Sick of updating apps in the App Store? iOS 7 has made updating your apps easy by giving you the ability to automatically update every app from the settings menu of the App Store. From there you can also switch off automatic updates when you are using 3G/4G data


5. The clock app icon on the home screen actually tells you the real time

In this version of iOS, the clock icon stops being just an icon but actually tells you the exact time of the day. Although this is one of the lesser exciting features of iOS 7, we think it is this level of attention of detail that makes iOS really stand out from the rest.


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  1. Krishna Adavi

    5th one is a super cool find, i knew 1 to4 myself and i consider myself a good iOS user 🙂
    i wud have never found out thx.



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