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Introducing Raygun, a SaaS product from Mindscape for tracking bugs in software, which we find also works great for tracking bugs in websites and apps. It can be integrated with common front-end dev tools, including PHP, JavaScript and WordPress support …which is a pleasant surprise to see in a product built for software developers.

So here are five reasons to use Raygun in web development:

1. Simple integration

Raygun integrates smoothly with practically everything. If they don’t support you’re particular framework, Mindscape are always open to suggestions for new providers (i.e. code libraries for integrating Raygun with any given language/platform). It can also be integrated with popular workflow tools like GitHub, HipChat and Trello.

2. Time efficient

Fixing things quickly is cheaper! This is just plain common sense, the less time web developers have to spend fixing a problem, the more time they can spend being productive and building those sweet, sweet apps. No more having to fish through an ocean of errors in the error logs, have the errors grouped, charted and reported in real-time.

3. Security benefits

Raygun shows you the frequency of errors over any given time period. This will help you spot hackers trying to manipulate files or compromised scripts being used to wreak havoc. By being able to identify the cause of the problem, developers can quickly make the necessary adjustments to plug security leaks.

4. Money saving

Fixing bugs saves you money – it’s terrifying that some developers don’t use anything to track bugs. Left alone, errors can create code inefficiencies, which can lead to extraneous server processing, which leads to bigger hosting bills, which leads to the dark side

5. Simplicity of use

It’s really easy to integrate Raygun with web apps:

  • Add a new app to track in Raygun
  • Copy the provided snippet of code with your API key
  • Add the snippet of code to your website or app
  • Sit back and track some bugs!

…and there’s even a WordPress plugin, for integrating with blog-style websites:

  • Add a new app to track in Raygun and copy your API key
  • Install the raygun4wp WordPress plugin
  • Paste the Raygun API key into the plugin configuration
  • Start fixing the insane number of bugs that are lurking in free plugins…

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