Twitter’s profile page is undergoing a facelift in 2014

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Twitter are beta testing a familiar feeling profile redesign. The new profile has been rolled out to a small percent of users while in the beta phase. We’ve had a little preview, so here’s what to expect and our recommendations for the new profile image sizes.

New Twitter profile for Zing Design header image redesign 2014

What can you expect to see on your new profile?

You can expect to see a cropped and stretched header image. The new header dimensions have increased to 1500 x 500 pixels, from 1252 x 626 in the current design. It takes a little reshuffle to correct your profile layout.

Take a look at our comparison between the current layout and the beta design, before we updated our header photo.

New Twitter profile crops the header image on redesign

Interestingly the user bio has been moved from top centre to a less prominent left side position. That’s quite a move for what has primarily been a text based network, albeit 140 characters or less.

The rearrangement of the user bio has allowed a more prominent header image, emphasising the social networking side of Twitter. The statistics at the beginning of each profile also appear more bold, and unavoidably eye catching.

We do like the emphasis of direct tweet featured on the profile.

direct tweet button

Design wise, the new Twitter profile feels more personal than your usual corporate overhaul, which can take awhile to adjust. We think this is a change in the right direction for Twitter, and are curious to see what they have in store for us next.

Spot the difference?

As you can see below in our example, Google+, Facebook and the new Twitter profile are all starting to look the same!

Google+ Facebook and Twitter social network profiles

The new Twitter profile page design is so familiar that it feels more like a Facebook clone, which is hardly a showcase of innovation.

Another issue which caught our attention is that the new design is not fully responsive. Sure, most mobile users will probably use a Twitter app, but that does feel like a dated approach. So, our question is: Why not go all the way, Twitter?

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    1. Zheng

      Hi Joe,

      The wallpaper design is still being used in the new Twitter profile page design. You can see this by expanding on one of your/someone else’s tweets (by clicking on the 3 dots icon).

      You can still change the current wallpaper by clicking on the settings icon at the top, and then choosing Design from the sidebar.

      It does look like Twitter might be phasing out this feature though, so personally we wouldn’t rely too much on this feature.


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