Zing Design WOWs with the Educa Stories iPad app design

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Educa is an innovative web-based portfolio of a child’s growth and development at an early childhood centre. It allows parents, grandparents and early childhood teachers to share a child’s journey through school and gain valuable feedback.

Educa iPad app login screen by Zing Design
Educa Stories iPad app login screen

Educa Stories iPad app book view

Educa Stories iPad story book view

Educa is in hundreds of centres across New Zealand and Australia. They are also the preferred supplier to the Early Childhood Council, New Zealand HomeBase Childcare Association and numerous childhood centre franchises across the country.

Since its official launch over a week ago, we’ve already received amazing feedback like the one below from the centres about the iPad app:

“I just wanted to email you on behalf of our team and say WOW!!!!! About the new iPad app. It is truly AMAZING and what an ingenious thing to do to make looking at the stories so much easier and user friendly. Our children have been looking at their online Educa portfolios ALL day.


This is why we LOVE and enjoy using Educa ‚Äì you are always coming up with new and exciting ways to make Educa so much fun to use.”

For Zing Design, we loved the concept of Educa and had a very rewarding experience working with the teachers, parents and children who use Educa.

We’d love you to check out the Educa Stories iPad app and if you or you know someone who has pre-school children and would like to see their journey through their early years, please contact Nathan at Educa or check out the Educa website.

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